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Peer Support

Heart & Hands

We are a volunteer driven not-for-profit organisation supporting Western Australians affected by endometriosis.

Our vision

  • To provide people affected by endometriosis, including their family and carers, with access to the best quality information, care, support and understanding.

Our purpose

  • Coordinate and deliver programs, events and activities to provide quality services and supports to people managing endometriosis and their families and carers.


  • Provide accurate and up to date information on endometriosis in accessible and understandable formats.


  • Promote and contribute, where possible, to research into endometriosis and related aspects of this condition.

Our values


  • We care for the community, support our members and demonstrate compassion.


  • We are passionate, dedicated and committed to change.


  • We act with integrity. 

Endometriosis Western Australia works to support the community across three areas.

Read stories from our members at the EndoWA blog

RANZCOG Endometriosis Guidelines

In March, EndometriosisWA released a statement in response to the community's call to action on the endometriosis guidelines. We believe the current guidelines fail to address the needs of the endometriosis community for many reasons, including the use of gender-exclusive language, exclusion of recent advancements in research, a lack of guidance for pain management and minimal community consultation during their creation.


EndometriosisWA committed to highlighting the community's concerns. We have sent an open letter to RANZCOG outlining what our community would like to see in a new set of guidelines. We would like to thank all the people living with endometriosis who provided their time, their opinions, and their lived experiences to contribute to this letter. As an organisation founded by and largely run by people with endometriosis themselves, it is important to use that our endoWArriors have their voices heard.

Once received, we will be publishing the response from RANZCOG. We are dedicated to advocating for Western Australians living with endometriosis and always welcome community feedback. If you would like to reach out, please email us at

Our website contains links to external websites that are of relevance and/or associated organisations and individuals. Endometriosis Western Australia Inc has no direct control over the content of these websites, accuracy of their information, or site security. Linking these websites does not constitute endorsement of views, educational material, goods, or services. It is the responsibility of the users to make their own conclusions regarding the contents of linked external websites. Please contact us if you encounter any broken links or inappropriate content.

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