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My name is Cassie Rowe and I am currently the State Member for Belmont, elected in 2017.

I am incredibly humbled to have been appointed as the Patron of EndometriosisWA this year. Endometriosis is a debilitating condition that affects so many people, but it remains underestimated, unknown and incurable. This condition urgently demands the attention of governments, the health system and society generally. EndometriosisWA is a key organisation within the field, bringing light to the pain experienced by people with endometriosis, while also providing a support network for those affected. It makes me so pleased that this crucial work is happening in Cloverdale.


As Patron, I aim to help EndometriosisWA achieve its goal of raising awareness. I hope that my position within the WA State Parliament will ensure that more people across Western Australia understand the prevalence, signs and effects of endometriosis. Through this increased awareness, I hope that more people will be empowered to seek medical help and access support networks such as EndometriosisWA. Most importantly, I hope the awareness I can bring will signal to governments and the health system the importance of addressing this condition through research into the causes, treatment and possible prevention of endometriosis.

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