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Our story

In 2013, there was no support group for people with endometriosis in the Perth metropolitan region. After many years of feeling isolated and alone with endometriosis, and recognising an absence of social and cultural support, Joanne McCormick established an online support network to fill the void; Endometriosis Perth Sisterhood of Support (EPSS).

In 2015 EPSS expanded its reach to the wider community across Western Australia (to both online and offline members). We coordinated and facilitated regular face-to-face meetings, either educational, social, or a mix of both, to improve the wellbeing of our members and the wider community. These events are free, run by dedicated volunteers with the in-kind support of allied health professionals. Some examples of our presentations given at events can be accessed on our YouTube channel.

EPSS began advocating in 2016, raising public awareness of endometriosis in Western Australia via marketing and social media campaigns. We have continued to be active, providing online peer support services and facilitating the successful running of six events per year. We continue to film our larger educational sessions to make the information readily accessible to those unable to attend.

In recognition of this work, were nominated as finalists in the global WEGO Health Awards for two consecutive years, as well as receiving ConnectGroups New & Emerging Support Group Award in 2017.
By late 2019, our team of volunteers grew to 12 and our Facebook group grew to over 2,000 members. As a result of these successes and recognising the need for increased services we became established as Endometriosis Western Australia Incorporated in 2019 and have since achieved charitable status. On January 1st 2020 we changed the name of our support group to Endometriosis Western Australia WArriors, reflecting both our inclusion of Western Australians outside of Perth, and our trans and non-binary members.
Today we proudly support our improved mission and purpose as EndometriosisWA.
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