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Being a dad to a teenage daughter with endometriosis

(Warning this script does contain some offensive language)

When my wife asked what it’s like to have a teenage daughter with endo my immediate reaction was – in a blink of an eye and without thinking –F****ed, F****ed and more F****ed.

When I thought of writing this I told my daughter I think I’ll title it “Being a dad with Endo” my daughter piped up and told me I couldn’t say that because it read wrong and says I’m a dad with endo and it is her disease….

Bloody teenagers!!!!

Being an endo dad is one of the most emotionally confronting things you will encounter within your family. We all have gone through and mostly survived, in some way shape or form, the baby years, toddler years and enjoy watching our kids grow up and if we played our cards right, they will still talk to us when they are entering their teenager years, as well as our wife or partners talking to us as well.

We, as dads, start to relish the idea that we can threaten our girls that any boys we see making an interest in them will be confronted on the porch with a shotgun. If they keep up the attitude we will send them to boarding school in Meekathara, all of the things we plan in our heads for our girls’ future – you know the normal stuff us boys think of when we are avoiding work or trying to plan a road map of our future lives. Then all of the chats, dreams, activities and fun things come to an abrupt end.

My wife and I are blessed in our marriage, in that our foundation is based on love, trust and communication. Part of that is we are always to be on the same page when it comes to the kids we have. My first scare with my daughter was about 5-6 years ago (when she was about 10) at a family function we all were at a restaurant when she had a bowl of vanilla ice cream – within minutes she turned ghost white and went into some type of anaphylaxis– she recovered but my wife and I knew something was up.