Dr Fleming presents

Image supplied by Dr Fleming 2019: Word-cloud 'what support groups mean to us' - a collaboration with EPSS members

Earlier this year I had the great privilege of being invited to present at the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery Society (AGES) Annual Scientific Meeting, held locally in Perth. Due to my experience with Endometriosis Perth Sisterhood of Support (EPSS), the topic I was to present on was “Patient Resources”. Due to my unusual combination of working in medicine, volunteering in support, and living with endometriosis myself, I have first-hand knowledge of the large range of resources available to patients. Grateful that this had been recognised, I quickly accepted the offer to participate in the conference and went back to my busy day to day life.

As the months went by and the conference drew closer, more information came trickling through. When I received a list of the people I would be presenting alongside, the gravity of what I had got myself into hit me! The list read like a “who’s who” of highly regarded health care professionals who treat endometriosis in Perth, from gynaecologists to pain specialists and pelvic floor physiotherapists. When I saw the chairs for the conference, I was even more intimidated, with two of the most popular gynaecologists among the members of my support group featured on the list. As a junior doctor, these people will one day be my bosses, and hopefully then my colleagues; I knew I had to work hard to make a good impression!