My important story: The enormity of endo

I have rarely talked about my health and experiences with endo. It is difficult for me to discuss it. I recently reconnected with my “endo sisters” and have found the courage to speak up. I hope it might help others in some way. This is the shortened version of my story!

I had my first period at the age of about 12 ½ and it was horrendous. Every period was the same. Heavy, with clots and very painful. The teenage years were filled with horrific pain. There were so many times where the period pain was so bad, I thought I was going to vomit or pass out. The pain started just before my period arrived, during it, of course, and then recovery for a couple of days after. In my family, it was just “women’s problems” and you put up with it. There seemed to be an unspoken history of endo in my family.