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My journey to relief: Travelling for endometriosis excision and pre-sacral neurectomy

I am writing for those who are dealing with the symptoms of endometriosis or adenomyosis. It is my hope that the care and management of 'endo' patients do not remain dependant on local resources; rather that she* may find options further afield which have perhaps been overlooked. (It is this information that led to relief for me, something I am truly grateful for). This is my story on finding relief after years of exhausting the options offered locally. I am delighted to know several more women from Perth who have now also travelled and undergone surgery with the same surgeon that I chose - all with great outcomes to date (including a woman who had undergone previous hysterectomy and continued with pain). This surgeon is an incredibly kind, compassionate and supportive man who operates from the U.S., Singapore and Italy. He is an accomplished surgeon who has pioneered tools and techniques for surgery, and travels internationally as a lecturer and to demonstrate his surgical techniques.