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Suspected Endometriosis & My Treatment

Look into my eyes,

And you’ll see me start to cry,

Because of what I’m made to endure,

All because of my BMI.

3 weeks of every 4, I cringe and lay in pain, My cries for help unanswered, Instead made to feel ashamed.

As a country, Australia is growing, Becoming Bigger, Braver, Bold! But surgery for this constant pain? It’s a no I’m told!

People find it hard to understand  How can periods be ‘that bad!’? Believe me, I wouldn’t wish it on you, It would too drive you mad.

Constant pills and medication, Many days off work,  Missing dates, birthdays, family events, Because of all this hurt.

My mental health is suffering, I can’t spend a week without the tears, My pain getting worse and worse, As it’s carried through the years.

Yes, Australia is a great country,  But our Systems are still lacking, So many questions left unanswered,  Who cares about what’s happening?

Some days I have no energy, I just cry and want to sleep,  But I should be up and losing weight? How, when the pain keeps me off my feet?

I did not ask to be born a woman, I didn’t ask for this illness and pain,  I wish I could live an average life,  I wish I could feel normal and sane.

Australian Health Professionals, Should all be trained the same, Money shouldn’t have to talk,  To feel yourself again.

We are the future of our country,  Our rights should be our choice, I shouldn’t have to roar and scream, But feel like I have no voice.

WE shouldn’t have to wait and wait, To be told a different story, Different answers, Different Hospitals, It becomes a bit of a worry.

I AM not my weight! I am Mimi and I am in pain! I DO deserve to be better!  I DO deserve to live life again.

OUR weight should not define us, OUR illnesses deserve to be sorted, We ALL deserve the same treatment, We ALL deserve to feel important.'

- Mimi Wilson March 21, 2019


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