Research Engagement

Why is research important? 


We recognise the critical importance of research into the causes, early diagnosis, prevention, treatment, management and possible cure for endometriosis.

At EndometriosisWA, we are dedicated to providing our community with the most up-to-date, evidence-based research. We are committed to assisting in the facilitation of novel research projects. EndoWA ensures we share current research opportunities and encourage our member base to participate.

Latest Published Research & Documents:

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Current Research Projects - click to participate:  

The Cairnmillar Institute

Not just a matter of pain: Examining the role of demoralisation in the

relationship between endometriosis and psychological suffering.

Curtin University

Communicating About Invisible Chronic Illness. This study is open to Australian residents, aged 16-25 years, who have been diagnosed with a chronic physical illness.

EndoNeeds Study Phase 2

Exploring the physical, psychological and social needs of women with endometriosis in the general public. People aged 18 and above with endometriosis are eligible to participate.

Australian Government - What we’re doing about endometriosis
 See what the Australian Government is doing to better understand and help those with endometriosis.
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