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Support groups are a wonderful platform for social and emotional connection, encouragement and information exchange. Joining a support group often improves the quality of life and empowers those with endometriosis to make informed decisions about their health.

Not only have we discovered these benefits, but research has also revealed the array of benefits online support groups provide to endometriosis warriors.

“The most frequently cited affordance of online support groups was the ability to connect with others, and participants used this connection to support each other, exchange advice, and to try to overcome feelings of loneliness.” (1)

Support is one of our biggest values at EndometriosisWA, after all, we started as a small support group in 2013! Our private Facebook support group now has over 3,600 WArriors and counting. We know the challenges endometriosis can bring, and want every WArrior to feel included in a community of individuals supporting each other through similar experiences.

In addition to our online support group, we run bi-monthly educational and supportive events for our members, to further build a supportive community.
1. Shoebotham A, Coulson NS. Therapeutic Affordances of Online Support Group Use in Women With Endometriosis. J Med Internet Res. 2016;18(5). eng. doi:10.2196/jmir.5548. Cited in: Pubmed; PMID 27160641.
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How do I support my family member, friend or colleague who has endometriosis?
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Jean Hailes 'Support someone with Endometriosis fact sheet'
School Notebook
Jean Hailes 'Support someone with Endometriosis fact sheet'
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Educate yourself! There are many valuable resources online explaining the ins and outs of endometriosis and how it affects the individual.
Be mindful of the mental struggles that endometriosis and related conditions may bring.
Show support to the individual, and understand those with endometriosis are more likely to experience depression and anxiety.
Advocate for them! Believe their symptoms and experiences, and validate what they are feeling.
Assist with day-to-day activities or chores, such as tidying and cleaning, doing the grocery shopping or cooking a meal.
Let them know you're there to chat, anytime.
Heat up a heat pack or hot water bottle for them.
  • Understand that they may have to cancel or reschedule social meetings.
  • Understand that endometriosis is unpredictable, and often each day is different.
  • Understand that severity of endometriosis does not equal the severity of pain.
Encourage them to join a support group.
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